Glamping is a word that describes the concept of "glamorous camping".  Think of it as camping in style or luxury camping.  Think "Dr. Livingston" exploring the world, with all of the comforts of home.  Glamping is camping without the hard work or the dirt!  We combine the luxuries of a hotel with the beauty of nature to give our guests a once-in-a-lifetime experience outdoors.  Glamping is perfect for those who like the idea of camping, but really don't want to rough it.  A breakfast package, provided by Butterfly Creek Bakery, can also be added for the ultimate "T & B" (tent & breakfast) experience! 

Starting at $125 per night

1-2 guests

~Breakfast packages are available for an additional fee~



Reservations must be made through Airbnb


You can avoid the struggle of setting up your own camping tent and lugging all of your equipment around by glamping with us.  You'll be especially comfortable in either our farmhouse or boho-style tent while connecting with nature, without having to transport your own equipment all over the place. 


Why take on the work yourself when you can have all the fun without any of the hassle? Why camp when you can glamp??


​Our three-season glamping tents are each furnished with a plush, queen-sized bed and furnishings just like you'd find in a nice hotel room.  Each tent has a private, ensuite bathroom with a flushing toilet, ceramic sink, and spa-like outdoor (but fully enclosed and covered) shower with hot and cold running water.


There is a quiet deck right out your front door where you can enjoy a fresh cup of hot coffee in the morning, the sounds of nature at sunset while you watch the bats zip through the air catching their dinner, or you can simply gaze at the stars while enjoying a glass of wine from one of our local wineries.



This IS still camping in the great outdoors!  Nature is all around you and may occasionally find its way into your tent.  However, with your own regular housekeeping in your tent and great care and attention from our maintenance staff, we'd be surprised if you had any animal or bug guests visit you during your stay.  Just remember to minimize unopened food in your tent and critters won't be encouraged to venture in.



All you need to bring with you is a suitcase with your own belongings and toiletries and leave all the camping gear behind.  We'll provide everything you would normally find in a hotel room.


Don't forget to look at the weather before you come out so that you can be prepared for the temperatures and weather you are like to encounter.  The Texas hill country is known for sudden thunderstorms that can pop up at a moment's notice, but often will clear just as quickly.  It's all part of the charm of Texas!